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Warning – Potential Scam In The Village – Be Aware When Answering Your Doors

Following a report into the Parish Council the Clerk has contacted the Police who advise the following:-

Please contact any relatives/friends or vulnerable in the village to make them aware this potential scam is taking place in the village.
If approached do not engage or hand any money over and contact the police in an emergency situation 999 or a non emergency 101


The was reported by Tony Marsh on Monday 4th October 2021.

A young boy approached my mums house yesterday around 5pm/6pm. He gestured to her asking if he could come and talk to her.
My mum thinking he had lost his football becomes him through the side gate. We are staying with my mum for a while so he actually encountered my wife not my mum.

When asked what he wanted he said in good English with no obvious accent.
“My grandma has got cancer and she needs some medicine, so can I have a pound for her medicine”

When asked where his grandma lived he was vague just “down the road” and gestured into the village.
I stepped outside to join my wife as she gave him the advice of; if Grandma needed medication then family should go and see her doctor.
He then made his way off back from the direction he came.

He appeared unescorted with no adult supervision.
Whether he was on his own, egged on by his peers. Or worryingly part of a larger scam to case houses to steel.
Please be aware.

Dark nights are coming so lock doors earlier.

We think he was around 9-11 years old
He was of white ethnicity
Has light brown hair almost blond; a little unkempt
He had a light chequered jacked/coat on
Jogging trousers which were tucked into his green coloured socks and dirty light coloured trainers.
This is just to make people aware and for others to ensure they look after the more vulnerable members of your community.