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The Parish Council were notified at 9.52pm yesterday that at the end of today 1st April the 33 bus service will be suspended until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the statement issued by CT4N last night:-

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not easing and therefore we are now having to take further measures to protect both staff and customers, as outlined in our company statement, which we have released this evening on our website.

I’m sorry that I won’t be able to provide any further information at this moment in time and hope that you understand the reasons as to why we have had to take this decision.

Public Information on Coronavirus

Rushcliffe Borough Council have a contact page for the latest public information on Coronavirus.  Please visit the website here for updated information.

This page highlights information on the latest health advice, council services, bin collections and homelessness.

Please check this page regularly for the latest updates.


Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp

Central Government has launched its Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp 

The free service is an automated ‘Chatbot’ that will provide information on coronavirus prevention and symptons, the latest number of cases in the UK, advice on staying at home, travel advice and myth busting.

It aims to further reduce the burden on NHS Service including 111, combat the spread of the virus and ensure people stay at home and save lifes.


Update for Local Employers Making Changes to their Workforce

The Department of Work and Pensions are working in partnership with D2N2 and the National Careers Service to support businesses that need to make changes to their workforce as a result of the Coronavirus panedemic.

Businesses should direct any individuals impacted by the changes to workforce or company structure to email orcall 0800 917 91419.

For large scale changes, additional support is also available for employers.  In these circumstances, businesses are invited to contact the same details as above, but also include:

Business Grant to be distributed to businesses by April 10

Rushcliffe Borough Council are reassuring business owners in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors that central government grant will be ready to be distributed by April 10.

Rushcliffe Borough Council have started to contact businesses on how to claim for the grant with safe financial protocols.

Its two levels will see £10,000 grants for properties with a rateable value of £15,000 or less and £25,000 grants for properties with a rateable value of more than £15,000 but less than £51,000.

The latest information on this and all the local support for businesses, services and communities can be found is available at



At this difficult time its really important to stay in touch with family and friends to make sure they are not facing challenges alone.

Perhaps spend some time today to consider those connections in your phone book who might be staying at home alone and relying on a phone call for their next conversation.

Even if its only a few minutes in-between activities to keep the kids entertained, or a short half hour after dinner to chat about your day – a chat to a loved one could make a huge difference to their wellbeing over the coming weeks.

If your particularly worried about a friend or family member who is isolated on their own at the moment please consider visiting Nottinghamshire’s Community and Volunteer Hub to see what sort of help is available.

If you know of someone who is need of help in the village please refer them to the volunteer group every household has had the leaflet with the numbers on.



As of today the 19th March 2020, The Old School will be closed for all events and classes.
This decision has been taken following government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and for
the safety of all our residents.

The Parish Clerk will still be working at the office. If anyone needs to see the Clerk please go to
the office door at the rear of the building knock on the door and then stand back 3 paces.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk 19.3.2020


Please be aware the following events have been cancelled

Judy – Cinema 20th March – This will be shown at a future date if you wish to have a refund please bring your tickets to the Parish Council Office.

Jeeves & Wooster – Sunday 5th April – Please come to the Parish Council Office for a refund.

Great British Spring Clean – Sunday 5th April Cancelled

Saturday Cafe – Saturday 28th March Cancelled

Clubs so far cancelled.

Tuesday Morning Zumba
Tuesday Evening Bridge Club

This list will be updated as and when we receive the informaton.

Thank you

Janice Towndrow

Coronavirus Community Help in Cropwell Bishop

Are you unable to leave your home because of Coronavirus (Covid 19)?

Or are you an older person or someone with disability or impairment who needs someone to run errands – shopping or pick up a prescription etc?

Do you just want a friendly voice to talk to if you’re feeling isolated?
We can and want to help!

We are a group of residents of Cropwell Bishop who are coming together to help out in the community during a time where some people are experiencing difficulty in accessing what they need due to concern about getting ill. We would like to support the community that we live in and ensure that nobody is left isolated, worried or without what they need. We won’t ask anything of you in return, we just believe in helping each other in a time of difficulty. We are linked to the parish council.

If you would like to speak to us, or want to ask for help, please text or phone one of the following people from the village who will gladly arrange help for you:

Jo Wroughton, parish councillor, 07891 694541
Jan Towndrow, parish clerk, 07798 735757
Jane Miller 07815 699878 Sara Marshall 07764 254850
Neil Chadborn 07754 897024
Rachael Halpin 01159 892755 Carol Halpin 01159 890366

All of our volunteers have been advised on how to help you safely.

Please contact us – we don’t want anyone to feel alone.

On the back of this leaflet is some advice to help keep yourself safe.

Coronavirus safety advice

Here is some advice from doctors and health experts on how to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus, and how to deal with it if you or someone you know has it.

How can I prepare?
• Make sure you have enough paracetamol, aspirin, lemsip, or other medicine in your home in case you aren’t able to go out for a week or two.
• Have a back-up supply of cleaning products that you can use to disinfect your home.
• Keep a sufficient amount of food so that you and the people in your home won’t go hungry if you have to self-isolate.
• Arrange with someone you know who lives nearby to look after each other in case one of you gets sick.

What should I do to keep my home safe?
• Clean surfaces, light switches, door handles, and taps at least once a day with household detergent.
• Wash your hands as soon as you arrive home, and make sure people who visit you do the same. Also wash hands before eating, after using a tissue, after using the toilet, and if you need to touch another person.
• Try to keep gatherings of people to a minimum – this might mean cancelling a birthday party, Sunday lunch, or other occasions where you would usually be in a room with other people.

What should I do when I’m out and about?
• If you feel even mildly ill, or have been in contact recently with someone else who has become ill, avoid leaving the house, or going to public places.
• Keep a distance of at least a metre from other people in public.
• Always use a tissue to cover your mouth/nose when coughing.
• Avoid shaking hands, hugging, kissing, or bodily contact with other people.

What should I do if I start to feel ill?
• Stay at home: avoid work, pubs, cinemas, gyms or other public places where large groups of people gather.
• Maintain social distance – avoid coming closer than two metres or so from other people.
• Self-isolate. This means staying in a separate room from other people, and avoiding any direct contact with them wherever possible.
• If possible, use a separate bathroom to the other people in your home, and disinfect it with a bleach based cleaning product every day.
• If your symptoms get worse, or you start to feel difficulty breathing, contact a doctor.

All of these suggestions work: we can help limit the impact of coronavirus if we act now and act together!


Stage One – Co-op to Methodist Church Complete
Resurfacing complete between the Methodist Church to the Co-op
Access to the Co-op, shops and up to the Methodist Church is accessible via Church Street.

Stage Two – Methodist Church to Just Past Hoe View Road
Road Closed Monday morning to Friday tea time
Road currently being taken up and resurfacing works will continue till Friday tea time

Stage Three – Saturday and Sunday Just Past Hoe View Road to Memorial Hall
No access out of the village from Hoe View Road
Access from Church Street onto Nottingham Road can only go as far as Hoe View Road
Kinoulton Road No access from or onto Nottingham Road
Kinoulton Road residents will have to access their properties via Colston Road

Monday morning the roads should be open as normal