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Government Energy Schemes for people in or at risk of fuel poverty

There are several government schemes available to help vulnerable and low-income homes pay their energy bills over winter.

Warm Home Discount

A one-time payment of £140 that is taken off energy bills between October and April if your energy provider participates in the scheme. You may need to apply through your energy provider to receive this discount.

Winter Fuel Payment

A payment of between £100 – £300 to help pay heating bills, for people born on or before the 5th of April 1954.

Cold weather payment

A one-off payment of £25 when temperatures in your area are 0ºC or below for seven days or more, depending on whether or not you receive certain benefits.

Pension Credit

A benefit for low-income retired or elderly people that supplements State Pensions. Those eligible also qualify for the cold weather payment.

Energy Company Schemes

Some energy providers have their own schemes set up to help people currently experiencing or at risk of fuel poverty. You can contact your energy provider to find out about available help.


We are currently experiencing some flood issue on Cropwell Butler Road in the Shelton Gardens Area. Highways have been contacted to put up flood warning signs in the area to alert motorists of the danger.

If you have any concerns regarding flooding to highways or your property please ring
0300 500 8080 – This is the emergency contact centre and is operating in both business and non-business hours.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk


Meeting with CT4N to review the ’33’ service for Cropwell

Old School Cropwell Bishop, 2.30pm on 28th October 2019

Items discussed

1. Welcome, Introductions and Apologies

The Parish Council welcomed CT4N representatives, Ian Comberllack (MD), Barry Allitt (Service Delivery Manager), and Tony Oldham (Operations Director) who met Cropwell Bishop Councillors Colin Bryan and John Greenwood, Clerk Janice Towndrow together with David Lawton representing Cropwell Butler PC. Apologies from Cllr Alan Wilson who was on leave.

2. Background to the 33 service and current patronage.

The Parish Council was pleased when CT4N stepped in in May 2019 to run the 33 as a commercial service following the withdrawal of the 822 service operated by Yourbus. The CT4N operated service has proved very reliable and popular with many customers. The service has been popular with Cotgrave residents but patronage has not been as high as hoped from the Cropwell’s. The morning and evening services extending from and to Langar and Sutton are very little used. (See item 4)

3. Links between the 33 and 833 (Vectare operated)

Very few passengers take advantage of the connection at Cropwell Bishop although through fares are available. Langar/Barnstone people with bus passes tend to stay on the 833 to Bingham and catch the Mainline for a faster journey to town.

4. Issues associated with the current 33 service

The main complaint with the 33 was the slow journey time to town. Many potential users who had cars available would choose to drive to the park and ride at Stragglethorpe and catch the Cotgrave Connection with a total journey time to town of around 30 minutes compared with a journey time of about 60 minutes on the 33. CT4N recognised this problem and were considering ways to reduce the journey time.

5. Merits and issues associated with suggestions to reduce 33 journey time from Cropwell

John Greenwood tabled a number of suggestions which could make the service more attractive to Cropwell residents. They are summarised as follows:-

a) The preferred option – Reduce the running time between town and Cropwell Bishop to around 45 minutes (by avoiding the ‘old A46’ loop at Cropwell, and cutting out unnecessary waiting points) and extend the service by running on from Cropwell Bishop and Cropwell Butler to Radcliffe on Trent.
It would be more attractive to Cropwell and Hollygate residents to travel via Woodview and Candleby Lane in Cotgrave (for leisure centre and shops and to avoid the difficult turn and tedious journey around all of Ringleas). However CT4N believe a significant number of passengers originate at Ringleas and are reluctant to cut it out. (CT4N will check on passenger numbers along the route to help with any decisions).

CT4N were also concerned at the suggestion to travel along Church St (towards Butler and Radcliffe) and along Hoe View (towards town). They would consider a possible loop around Hoe View and second trip along Church St to make sure Hoe View was fully served.

b) A second option is to use the 2 vehicles to run the existing service at 1.5 hr intervals and run a 33x service from Cropwell’s and Hollygate directly to town (possibly via Tollerton) every 1.5 hrs
CT4N are reluctant to reduce the service frequency for Cotgrave

c) A third option is to keep the existing route but cut out Cropwell Butler (assuming they are served by the 833 and 852) to provide a 40-45 minute journey to town every 45 minutes.
This was not a popular suggestion with the Cropwell Butler representative. CT4N thought about 12 people per day currently use the service from Butler. It might be possible to run on to Butler but turning at the triangle could be tricky. CT4N were not very keen on an ‘irregular’ 45 minute interval between daytime services as it can be confusing for passengers.

d) CT4N were quite keen to consider using the available ‘spare’ time in the schedule for a city loop (as NCT buses). However those present preferred the time to be used for an extension to Radcliffe (option ‘a’)

CT4N noted that the timings could not be too tight on the route because of allowance for traffic and safety of boarding passengers and caution needed by drivers in village streets.

6. Other ideas to make the service more attractive

CT4N would consider all the points made (item 5) and assess how the route might be made more attractive.

CT4N are introducing a new ‘Ticketer’ App from December 2019 /January 2020 for contactless payments. This system will also cover real time locations of buses to be available on mobile phones.
Reliability is important to CT4N. If a bus does not turn up information can be obtained during daytime by calling the operations team on 0115 986 3355 then option 1.

CT4N confirmed that all their vehicles used on the 33 will conform to ‘Euro 6’ omissions standards from January 2020.

7. Subsidy available to support the route

Councillors expressed surprise that CT4N were not receiving any of the Section 106 monies from the Hollygate Estate (£600,000 assigned to transport over a 5 year period?)

If the 33 route was extended to Radcliffe, this could be eligible for County support as it would part replace the 852 service.

8. Evening services

An evening service – for example buses from town at 20.50 and 22.50, would be attractive. This is something to consider perhaps with help of CIL funding from the new Cropwell housing proposals (85 homes East of Church St)

9. Real time Information boards along the route.

CT4N thought a real time board was due to be erected in Church St, Cropwell Bishop. All appreciated that they could not be available at all stops but would be helpful at key stops in the villages.

10. Any other items for discussion

CT4N is the trading arm of Nottingham Community Transport, which is a registered charity that provides transport for vulnerable people, to reduce loneliness and social isolation. As a charity, , they are keen to offer group travel services for special outings. They suggested groups of say 16 people might have an outing to Melton, Garden Centres, Downtown Mills etc. Perhaps to be arranged once per month at a nominal charge of £5 per head. CT4N were invited to attend the Parish Council meeting on Dec 3rd to discuss this further.

11. Future meetings

Future meeting will be arranged as necessary.
The Parish Councils are grateful to CT4N for attending and discussing the various issues and ideas to help sustain and improve the current reliable service.

JRG 30-10-19


Meeting with Vectare to review the ’833’ service Provision for Cropwell
Old School Cropwell Bishop, 2.30pm on Monday 7th October 2019

Items discussed

1. Welcome, Introductions and Apologies

Vectare representatives, Peter Nathanail, Commercial and Operations Director and Kyle Giblett, Operations and Service Delivery Manager, met Alan Wilson, Colin Bryan and John Greenwood of Cropwell Bishop PC and David Lawton representing Cropwell Butler PC. Apologies from Clerk, Janice Towndrow who was on leave.

2. Background to the 833 service

Following the withdrawal of Yourbus from operating the 822 service in May 2019, CT4N stepped in to run a commercial service from Cropwell to town (33) and Vectare made a successful bid for the 833 service as specified by the County (Chris Ward) to run a two way loop from Bingham to Cropwell’s and the Vale villages.

3. Current patronage. (Use to Bingham, Cropwell Surgery?)

Passenger numbers are growing and are now in the order of 2000 journeys per month. (mainly Aslockton/Whatton/Orston to Bingham and the Cropwell’s and Langar to Bingham). Use to the Cropwell Surgery is limited but receptionist staff did report on some patients wanting appointments to suit the bus times. All agreed it is a desirable social service even if usage is low.

4. Links between the 33 (CT4N) and 833 (Vectare operated)

Again very few passengers taking advantage of the connection although through fares are available. Langar /Barnstone people with bus passes tended to stay on the 833 to Bingham and catch the Mainline for a faster journey to town

5. Issues associated with current 833 service

An email received 4th October from resident Phil Taylor highlighted one or two operational problems due to vehicle breakdowns. Vectare apologised for these situations but explained that the 3 vehicles in their available fleet all had a bad run of mechanical problems. They were replaced with minibuses. It was appreciated that Vectare do everything possible to cover for mishaps, delays and breakdowns. They have a standing arrangement with DJM taxis on call out if needs be. It was agreed that more needs to be done to advertise this back up service with Vectare telephone contact numbers (0115 777 3187) at each bus stop. Vectare have someone available to answer a call during working hours (0600 -2200) and will advise on the situation to make sure the journey is completed. The Parish Councillors noted that passengers will very much appreciate this assurance.

The passing of the two 833 buses on the bends at Cropwell Butler is awkward but drivers now have an understanding of the schedules and serious conflicts are less. One suggestion was to adjust the schedule slightly by calling in at Upper Saxondale to further reduce the chance of meeting on the bends.

The meeting felt that routing the 833 via Hoe View Road would not be particularly beneficial to the majority of passengers from Cropwell. The 33 already serves Hoe view.
The possibility of routing some services between Cropwell and Langar via Colston Bassett was discussed but did not seem to be straightforward. A subsidised taxi might be a better solution for the 400 or so residents of Colston Bassett?

Vectare suggested the regular use of modern 16 seat minibuses with automatic doors and wheelchair access (rear door). The PC representatives were quite happy with the use of the minibuses which would offer a more efficient operation for Vectare – final decisions would rest with the County. Back up additional or larger vehicles would be available for key journeys (such as morning Aslockton to Bingham on market day)

6. Fares charged and Subsidy available to support the route

The return fare Cropwell to Bingham (£4.40) seems a little expensive compared with the 852 return fare to Radcliffe (£2.60) but it is in line with Mainline fares (£7.20 Bingham – Nottingham return). For information, John Greenwood had listed the available travel options, journey times and fares from Cropwell to town (attached)

All agreed that through ticketing between all bus companies was highly desirable and the County should be developing such a scheme. (I.e. extension of the Robin Hood type scheme?)
Revenue from the 833 service was reported to be in the order of £5-600 per month. This was passed to the County in accordance with the Contract arrangements. Vectare agreed that future renegotiation of the Contract could include an incentive to attract passengers with Vectare keeping the revenue.

7. Ideas to make the service more attractive

The basic day time service as it stands suits most Cropwell residents
Possible call in at Upper Saxondale for certain services? (If the County choose to withdraw the 852 service). The Bingham – Cropwell Butler link could perhaps travel via A52 and Upper Saxondale to help with the uphill journey?

8. Possible other services by Vectare (Evening services?)

If CT4N are not able to make the 33 service more attractive by reducing the journey time to Nottingham, John Greenwood saw an opportunity for Vectare to run an hourly fast minibus service to Nottingham (833X) on a commercial basis (see attached). This could be linked directly with the 833 with the same vehicles running on from Cropwell. Vectare thought it might be viable if it could attract 7 or 8 passengers per journey.

The desirability of an evening service was discussed but recognising that the County would not at this stage subsidies it. The Parish Council had sponsored such as service in the past but it had not been sustainable. Vectare suggested a possible trial of a limited evening service with minibuses at say 9.50 and 10.50pm from town to Hollygate Estate and the Cropwell’s on a Friday and Saturday evening.

9. Real time Information boards along the route.

The only information boards are at Nottingham Road, Bingham which give the Scheduled time (not the real time of arrival). Vectare have a system which locates their own buses but is not compatible with the County real time system. It was accepted that real time info was not realistic because of the number of stops involved. It was agreed that a note at bus stops to advise passengers to call Vectare (0115 777 3187) in the event of a ‘no show’ was the best solution

10. Any other items for discussion

All items had been covered under previous headings.

11. Future meetings

Vectare will be reviewing the Contract with Chris Ward at the County on November 18th and found the comments and views expressed today to be most helpful.
Vectare are happy to meet the Parish Councils again as required.


The 833 service has got off to a good start and the Parish Council Representatives were most grateful to Vectare (Peter Nathanail and Kyle Giblett) for attending and discussing the various issues and ideas to help sustain the reliable service into the future.

JRG 11-10-19


People across Nottinghamshire are being asked to take five to stop fraud and ensure they do not fall victim to a fraudulent attack by phone, text, email or online.

Everyone should always take five minutes to reflect and step back from the situation if a phone call, message or online exchange requests personal or financial information. Even if an individual says they are the bank or other trusted organisation, you still need to take the time to stop and think about what is really going on.

That is the message from the Nottinghamshire Police and The Safer Nottinghamshire Board.

Take a step back take the five minutes and follow these key steps to avoid falling victim to fraud:
• A genuine bank or organisation will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, full password or to move money to another account. Only give out your personal or financial details to use a service that you have given your consent to; that you trust and are expecting to be contacted by.
• Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.
• If you’re approached with a request for personal information, don’t provide it. Instead, contact the company directly using a known email or phone number.
• Don’t assume an email or phone call is authentic. Just because someone knows your basic details such as your name and address and even your mother’s maiden name, it doesn’t mean they are genuine.
• Be mindful who you trust – criminals may try and trick you into their confidence by telling you that you’ve been a victim of fraud. They can also make any telephone number appear on your phone handset so even if you recognise it or it seems authentic, do not use it as verification they are genuine.
• Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision. Under no circumstances would a genuine bank or some other organisation force you to make a financial decision on the spot. They would never ask you to transfer money into another account for fraud reasons.
• Listen to your instincts. If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it.
• Stay in control. Have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information. It’s easy to feel embarrassed when faced with unexpected or complex conversations. But it’s okay to stop the discussion if you do not feel in control of it.

Remember to tell friends and family members to be mindful of scams too, especially those who may be vulnerable or elderly.

Increasingly fraud is becoming more complex and deceptive, much of which is targeted at the vulnerable or elderly – you wouldn’t let a burglar into your home so don’t let a fraudster in via their methods of contacting you. That can be via your home phone, the internet, mobile phone, door stopping or through letters. Fraudsters pose as persons in authority, create a sense of urgency to the situation or contact victims when they are expecting something to happen.

So take five minutes, hang up, make a cup of tea and then ring the number known to you and not the one given in the text, email or call.

Janice Towndrow – Parish Clerk

Post to Cropwell Residents from Samworth Farms Notification Re: Muck Spreading

Post to Cropwell Residents;

Over the next few days we will be spreading solid digestate and chicken manure for use as fertiliser on some of the land surrounding both Cropwell Bishop and Butler. This is a routine operation which utilises nutrition from organic manures reducing the use of artificial fertilisers and improves soil health. There may be an odour in the immediate vicinity of the application sites for a limited period for which we appreciate your understanding. If anyone has any queries regarding our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us. Samworth Farms.

Farm Office, Stragglethorpe Grain Store, Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire, NG12 2JU
t. 0115 989 3722 m. 07778 525404