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We now have two new bus routes serving Cropwell Bishop. The Yourbus 822 service no longer runs and has been replaced as follows:

The 833, operated by Vectare on contract to Nottinghamshire County Council, provides a good daytime link directly to Bingham via Cropwell Butler (14 minute journey time). It runs every hour from Church St with the first bus at 0744 and the last at 1644. Return from Bingham (Newgate Street) is at 38 minutes past the hour with the last bus at 1738. The return fare to Bingham is £4.40 for adults and £2.20 for children.

In the other direction the 833 travels eventually to Bingham through the Vale villages as the 822 used to do.

The 33 service, operated commercially by CT4N, provides a service through to Friar Lane every hour. During the daytime it loops around Hoe View Road (at 42 minutes past the hour), and Church St (at 47 minutes past the hour) before travelling to town via Cropwell Butler, Hollygate Estate, Cotgrave Ringleas and Daleside, Tollerton, Morrisons and West Bridgford. The return fare to town is £6 and the journey time is about 60 minutes.

At peak times the timetable changes and the route through Cropwell Bishop alters slightly as the bus travels to and from Langar, Granby and Sutton.

The existing 850/852 will continue to run and offers us a limited service to and from Radcliffe.

Useful journey planner can be found at:

The new services should enable us to leave our cars at home more often. Please give them a try.

If you have any problems or concerns please report them to the Clerk, Janice Towndrow 0115 989 4656 or email

Cllr John Greenwood 28/5/19


Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall
Loughborough Road
West Bridgford

For the attention of Mike Hankin – Development Management

6th March 2019

Dear Sir

Formal Objection

Application: V/3960 – Vary Condition 20 of planning permission 8/14/01550/CMA to allow an increase in the maximum daily HGV movements permitted to access the site from 18 HGV movements to 40 HGV movements Mon – Fri and from 8 HGV movements to 20 HGV movements on Saturdays, whilst capping HGV levels to coincide with existing equivalent approved levels within any four week period being 392 movements (196 in and 196 out).

Location: Canalside Industrial Park, Kinoulton Road, Cropwell Bishop NG12 3BE

Following the Parish Council Meeting on the 5th March 2019 re the above application Cropwell Bishop Parish Council note the following:-

The original planning application was subject to an appeal to the planning inspectorate who granted permission under appeal ref: APP/L3055/W/16/3147055 decision date 21st December 2016. (A copy of the appeal decision notice is enclosed with this letter).

In the body of this decision notice several points regarding Highway Safety and Vehicle movements were made by the planning inspectorate. The Parish Council feel that these comments and conditions should be adhered to for the reasons of road safety, child safety, dust and noise pollution and on the unacceptable level on the local environment the proposed increase in number of HGV movements would create.

Appeal Document Points:

Highway Safety

28. The Nottingham Road/Kinoulton Road junction is constrained in terms of the width of both
roads meaning that large vehicles have to use both sides of each road when turning. The visibility to the west of the junction is also restricted. However in the critical eastern direction the visibility for drivers emerging from Kinoulton Road is good. The Highway Authority has no objection to the proposal subject to the improvement to the industrial park access and on the basis that the volume of HGV traffic to and from the facility would be limited.

29. I understand that there have been road traffic accidents in the area but there is no evidence before me to indicate that there is an existing severe highway safety hazard or that the development would result in such a hazard. I saw that there is a bus stop opposite the Nottingham Road/Kinoulton Road junction and I note that the school children use that bus stop and that they regularly walk along Nottingham Road to the village hall and adjoining play area. There are footpaths along the road and through the village and there is no evidence that the LIMITED number of HGVs would prejudice pedestrian safety. However taking a precautionary approach the appellant has agreed to limit the times when HGVs travel to and from the site to avoid peak times at the beginning and end of the school day. This can be secured through a condition.


31. The applicant as originally submitted made reference to crushing and screening activities taking place on site but the appellant subsequently clarified that such operations would not take place. Potential sources of noise would arise from the excavator and bulldozer to be used on the site and from lorries travelling to and from the site. However there are no immediately adjacent dwellings, the nearest dwellings being about 250 – 300 metres away. The haul route would pass only a small number of dwellings on the western side of the village and the volume of traffic WOULD be limited.


47. I have imposed the conditions as suggested by the Council with some exceptions. The conditions have been agreed by the appellant who has suggested additional detailed requirements and I have incorporated those changes. In imposing conditions I have had regard to the test in paragraph 206 of the Framework and I have made some changes to the wording of the conditions to better accord with those tests.

51, Conditions limiting the maximum number of HGVs movements and the times of those movements are also necessary in the interest of highway safety having regard to the configuration of Kinoulton Road/Nottingham Road junction and the proximity of the bus stop and village hall/play area.

Schedule of Conditions:

1, The development hereby permitted shall begin not later than 3 years from the date of this decision. This meaning the application will have to commence by the 21st December 2019.

(The Parish Council would like confirmation that all conditions of the appeal reference APP/L3055/W/16/3147055 still need to be met and adhered to).

20. There shall be no more than 18 HGV movements to and from the site (9 in, 9 out) in any one working day between Monday and Friday and no more than 8 HGV movements to and from the site (4 in and 4 out) on Saturdays. Written records shall be maintained of all HGV movements into and out of the site and copies of those records shall be made available to the Waste Planning Authority within 7 days of a written request being made.

The applicant has already put large HGV lorry containers on site – does this constitute a “Meaningful Start”?


The planning variation would have a diverse effect on road safety, child safety diesel pollution and noise levels in Cropwell Bishop and would result in an unacceptable impact on the local environment.

In the original planning application F/3024 the application was for 30 HGV movements per day (15
in and15 out) which the Parish Council objected to in our letter to Jonathan Smith dated the 20th August 2014. The Planning Inspectorate as clearly stated above and in the attached copy document was not prepared to pass the application with 30 HGV movements (15 in and15 out) and reduced it to 18
movements a day (9 in and 9 out) and 8 on Saturday (4 in and 4 out).

This variation is a 222% increase to the level of HGVs allowed to the condition 20) laid down by the
planning inspectorate in Appeal Decision APP/L3055/W/16/3147055. The applicant is not only asking
for an increase on the planning inspectorate’s decision but an increase over and above the original

For all the above reasons Cropwell Bishop Parish Council OBJECT to the proposed variation to condition 20 of planning application V/3960,

Yours Sincerely

Cllr. A. Wilson – Chairman
Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Encl: Appeal Decision Notice: APP/L3055/W/16/3147055

c.c. Cllr. G. Moore
Cllr. N. Clarke
Norman Jowett – Rushcliffe Borough Council


The car park outside the Co-op and the Wheatsheaf Inn has 6 spaces allocated to the Wheatsheaf Inn Public House as part of the Planning Inspectorate Decision.

The pub is open from 4pm Weekdays and from 12 mid-day Saturday and Sunday.

I have spoken to the landlord of the Wheatsheaf and he has agreed that visitors to the Co-op can use the pub spaces during pub closing hours. However, the landlord has asked if users of the car park would kindly respect the pub opening hours and leave the pub spaces free for patrons during those times.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk – 27/2/18