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Development: Demolition of existing double garage. Erection of new dwelling (Resub)
Location: 4 Mill Lane, Cropwell Bishop NG12 3BT



Development: Erection of 4-bay oak framed domestic garage with ancillary accommodation above
Location: Fosse Paddock, Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop NG12 2JU



Applicant: Marstons Estates Ltd
Development: Erection of Use Class A1 retail unit with parking, landscaping, accousting
fencing and associated works.
Location: Land West of 2 Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham

REFUSE PERMISSION (Development Control)


Development: First Floor Side Extension
Location: 44 Cooper Close, Cropwell Bishop NG12 3DL


The proposed development would result in a tunnelling effect which would reduce light to the bedroom window of 43 Cooper Close, to the detriment of the amenities of the occupents.


Development: Single storey rear and side extension
Location: 97 Hoe View Road, Cropwell Bishop

REFUSE PERMISSION: In the opinion of the local planning authority, the proposed development by reason of its excessive rearward projection and significant height, combined with its proposed roof form, would be discordant and incongruous, with the prevailing layout and design of development in this area and therefore detract from the character and appearance of the area; would be detrimental to the amenities of neighbouring occupiers of the adjacent single storey dwellings by virtue of the overbearing effect caused; and to the amenities of those neighbours to the rear. arising from potential overlooking from the new patio area which is brought closer to the rear boundary.


Applicant: Chris Allsop Properties
Development: Land reclamation of former mineral workings through
the importation of inert waste with restoration to
notable native and alien plant species habitat,
characteristic of the Cropwell Bishop Gypsum spoil
wildlife site.
Location: Canalside Industrial Park, Kinoulton Road, Cropwell

REFUSED on 24th September 2015


Development: Demolition of an existing double garage. Erection of a
new dwelling on land to the north of No. 4 Mill Lane.
Location: 4 Mill Lane, Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham NG12 3BT