28th June Burglary Dwelling Church Street

There were no incidents of ASB.

A Police LAG meeting took place on Monday 6th July. PC Redgate informed the meeting that a new Superintendent had been appointed for this area and he had given instructions that all crimes no matter how small were to be recorded – this would effect the crime figures in future.

There were slight increases in crime in the Wiverton and Cotgrave areas for April and May.

There is to be a reduction in the number of PCSO’s which will result in just 5 PCSO’s in the North and 5 in the South of the county. The South PCSO’s will be based in Cotgrave, Keyworth, East Leake, Bingham and Radcliffe-on-Trent.

It was agreed to carry on with the current method of Speed Watch until the new system comes in to act as a deterrent for the worst offenders.

Cropwell Bishop raised the issue of a known drug dealer being parked outside the co-op at a regular time in the evening. P.C. Redgate informed the meeting that they were aware of the situation and would take action when resources were in place. It was also raised the question of a group of people using the roundabouts at the A46 to bring their cars and take part in “Drifting” Competitions.