A Footpath/Cycleway Alongside Nottingham Road To The A46

With the renewed interest in Cycling and walking following the Coronavirus crisis, Cropwell Bishop Parish Council has written to our MP, Ruth Edwards and the County Council requesting completion of the footpath/cycleway on Nottingham Road from the New Dairy at the top of the hill to the A46.

This will provide a safer route from the village towards Cotgrave (via the canal towpath) and link to the existing cycleways into Nottingham. The Council are considering our request.
Colin Bryan noticed the following web site which gives an opportunity to highlight our cycling/footway needs.


Colin and I have already ‘dropped a pin’ to highlight our needs on Nottingham Road and it would be helpful if others could add their ‘likes’ and perhaps drop more pins to encourage Council action on this necessary cycleway and footpath for our village.

Cllr John Greenwood June 2020