Government Energy Schemes for people in or at risk of fuel poverty

There are several government schemes available to help vulnerable and low-income homes pay their energy bills over winter.

Warm Home Discount

A one-time payment of £140 that is taken off energy bills between October and April if your energy provider participates in the scheme. You may need to apply through your energy provider to receive this discount.

Winter Fuel Payment

A payment of between £100 – £300 to help pay heating bills, for people born on or before the 5th of April 1954.

Cold weather payment

A one-off payment of £25 when temperatures in your area are 0ºC or below for seven days or more, depending on whether or not you receive certain benefits.

Pension Credit

A benefit for low-income retired or elderly people that supplements State Pensions. Those eligible also qualify for the cold weather payment.

Energy Company Schemes

Some energy providers have their own schemes set up to help people currently experiencing or at risk of fuel poverty. You can contact your energy provider to find out about available help.