The following note was issued today (14/06/17) by Chris Ward, County Manager, Transport & Travel Services, to accompany the proposed timetable for the ‘822’ service to replace the ‘V2 Service’

Following discussion with Members a final timetable has been produced to replace the Villager 2 service from 24th July, a copy is attached for your reference. The final route covers as much of the current Villager 2 service as possible, maintains the peak time journeys to Nottingham but with the off peak journeys connecting in West Bridgford where there are many options for connections to Nottingham. Peak journeys to Nottingham are also maintained through connections in Bingham with the Rushcliffe Mainline or rail services. We are hoping to introduce a ‘through’ ticketing agreement with both Trentbarton and Nottingham City Transport, details of this will be made available as soon as possible.

I hope to be able to advise you who will be operating the new service at the end of June following a short procurement process, timetables and full information will follow as soon as possible after that, your help in circulating this would be greatly appreciated. We are initially looking to award the contract for 2 years to try and get some stability in the area, during this time I intend to review the service and will be inviting representatives from each Parish/Town as we have done previously. I recognise that this situation will cause some concern to your residents, we are however trying to minimise any disruption and maintain as much of the service across the whole area as possible within the budget available.

If you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Chris Ward – Manager, Transport & Travel Services

The County ‘822’ proposals (issued 14/06/17) are intended to replace the V2 from 23 July 2017
The proposed 822 service will run from Bingham via Aslockton and the Vale villages to Cropwell Bishop (serving Church St and Hoe View Road as the current V2 route) and then on to Cotgrave Hollygate Lane Estate and Cotgrave Manvers Arms (missing out Ringleas). It then continues to Tollerton airport, Morrisons and West Bridgford (again as the existing V2)
Daytime 822 services stop at West Bridgford, whereas peak time 822 services go through to Friar Lane.
Through ‘peak time’ buses from Church St (labelled as Post Office on the 822 timetable) to Nottingham Friar Lane run at 0643, 0713 and 0803 in the morning and at 1623 and 1708 in the late afternoon (41 minute journey time)
In the late afternoon, through 822 buses from Friar lane to Cropwell Bishop run at 1630, 1705 and 1755 (40 minute journey time) – Note that these buses from Friar lane do not stop at Broadmarsh.
In the daytime, the 822 provides a service from Church St to West Bridgford at 33 minutes past the hour from 0933 to 1533 (then 1623 and 1708 which continue to Friar Lane) timings one minute later from Hoe View Road.
For the return daytime journey the 822 leaves West Bridgford on the hour between 0900 and 1600 (with buses at 1645, 1720 and 1810 which originate in Friar Lane)
Buses to Bingham from Cropwell Bishop Church St run hourly from 0925 to 1525 (34 minute journey time) with return buses from Bingham on the hour from 0900 to 1500 (33 minute journey time).

JG 14/06/17