Cropwell Bishop Parish Council is appalled by the decision this week to withdraw the Rushcliffe V2 Bus Service to Cotgrave, Cropwell Bishop and the surrounding villages as of the 23rd July 2017. This decision was made by Trent Barton alone and the Parish Council and other affected Parish Councils were also not informed of this decision.

Trent Barton has made a unilateral decision to remove this service, because even though the service was rebranded there has been customer reduction and is therefore commercially unviable. Trent Barton failed to discuss this with N.C.C. and only notified them earlier this week.

The Parish Clerk has just spoken to N.C.C. (Friday morning 26/5/17 10.30am) and they have advised that they are currently working on an emergency replacement service for the Cropwell’s and surrounding villages. N.C.C. have promised to contact the Parish Clerk on Tuesday of next week to advice of any progress regarding an alternative service.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk 26/5/17