Applicant: Cropwell Bishop Playgroup
Development: Change of use of land (D1) to facilitate the relocation of Cropwell Bishop Playgroup
including the siting of a modular classroom building.
Location: Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall, Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire NG12 3GP

for the development described in the application for the reasons set out below:-

1) The proposal would result in an inappropriate form of development in the Green Belt for which Very
Special Circumstances have not been demonstrated and the proposal would, therefore, be contrary to policy
ENV14 of the Rushcliffe Borough Non-Statutory Replacement Local Plan and paragraphs 87 and 89 of the National Planning Policy Framework.


The proposal was the subject of pre-application discussions and the agent was made aware of the policy objections. Despite making a number of amendments to the scheme to address some of the unacceptable impacts, the proposal remains unacceptable. In order to avoid further abortive costs to the applicant, the application was refused without further negotiation.