Meeting with Vale Parishes – Monday 11th November 2013

Meeting with Vale Parishes – Monday 11th November 2013

2:00pm Trent Bridge House


1- Introductions

2- Purpose of the meeting – Chris Ward

3- Local bus services – current situation – Chris Ward

4- Parish views and comments – All

5- Trentbarton – Commercial network – Keith Shayshutt

6- Solutions – All

Meeting Notes

The meeting was attended by:

Cllr Richard Butler, (RB)

Andy Betts (AB) (Sutton and Granby)

Roy Gretton (RG) (Langar cum Barnstone

Keith Shayshutt (KS) (Trentbarton)

John Greenwood (JG) (Cropwell Bishop & Butler)

David McLaren (DM) (Colston Bassett)

Clive Greyson (CG) (Transport & Travel Services)

Chris Ward (CW) (Transport & Travel Services)

CW explained the meeting had been arranged to discuss the future of local bus service provision in the Vale of Belvior, in particular the areas currently served by service 22 operated by Trentbarton. A number of previous meetings and the Titan road shows had been held but there was still some uncertainty as to what may happen in the future. CW did clarify that the meeting held with the Parishes in September regarding community transport was a separate issue and not intended as an alternative to local bus services. If a community based scheme could be established this could enhance any other service provision but would not be introduced instead of local bus services.

CW outlined the Authority’s current financial and budget pressures and the proposed reduction in local bus expenditure of 30% in 2014. The reduction from £6m to £4.2m will be achieved through withdrawal of financial support for services £900k and through service efficiencies £900k, the services in the Vale of Belvior fall into the efficiencies category and it is not expected that there will be any withdrawals, however services will be delivered in a different way to the current network. The timescale for any changes and the consultation process was outlined, this is due to start on 13th November and ends on 17th January 2014. All Parishes will be involved in both the corporate consultation and the more specific transport consultation.

CW explained the current proposals for replacing service 22 and showed the latest version of the Titan maps, these will be available on the Council website after 13th November.

JG asked why the reductions were targeted at evening and Sunday services, CW explained that the current administration were prioritising access to employment, health and essential shopping and that these largely involved services between 06:30 to 18:30. DM agreed that these were the key priorities for the rural areas, to maintain access for shopping and health.

JG requested that some consideration be given to services outside these times and that communities like Cropwell Bishop felt cut off from Nottingham because services were not available during the evening and on Sunday.

RG advised that a public meeting had recently been held in Langar to discuss the withdrawal of service 22 and that a petition was being handed to Cllr Butler to present to full Council later this month. RG read from a statement to say that there was concern regarding the loss of a link to the Cropwell Bishop surgery and access to Nottingham. CW asked if the plans for replacement services went some way to answering these concerns, RG said that there was some reassurance that the important links were included in the planning.

AB asked how the proposals might affect service 24, this is currently supported by Leicestershire County Council who will be included in the consultation, at the present time it is not known what their reaction will be. AB asked how long the journey time would be from Granbyto Bingham on the proposed route, this was estimated to be around 20-25 minutes but did serve the Cropwell Surgery as part of the route.

DM raised the issue of Colston Bassett having access to the surgery, this was included in the plans, it was also explained that there could be links to both Cotgrave and Keyworth for shopping or onward connections to Nottingham.

JG raised his proposal for a suggested route linking service 22 with the Radcliffe Line to provide a circular service, KS felt that this was a feasible idea with some merit, however it raised issues regarding the branding of the route and would be dependant on the future commercial viability of the Nottingham to Cotgrave section of service 22. He will look at this in more detail before any decision can be made. CW explained that any commercial change would be taken into account when final routes and timetables for replacement services were decided, it was noted that the proposed circular could have implications for St James Park/Upper Saxondale and the Bingham Road area of Radcliffe. These could require some financial input from the County Council which would need to be included in the revised plans.

There was further discussion on the proposals, with destinations and frequencies being discussed, the possibility of Radcliffe instead of Bingham was considered, but it was felt that for off peak shopping Bingham offered greater variety. RG raised the frequency shown against the proposed replacement routes, there were some routes with no frequency shown. CW explained that the maps were still being updated and that these would be completed before publication, it was intended that the 22 replacement service would be hourly although alternative options would be considered if services could not be procured within the available budget.

JG raised the possibility of ‘sponsorship’ to implement an evening ‘social’ service, or the variation of existing late evening services on Radcliffe line, KS advised that this was not commercially viable and that there were late night services to Cropwell on the Cotgrave Connection on Friday and Saturday. CW advised that financial support for the current extension of Bingham Xpress to East Bridgford was being withdrawn.

CW said that details of the revised maps and routes would be circulated to all present and to the Parish Clerks and these would include links to the next round of consultation.